Founded in 1979, Valtek Sulamericana consolidated after thousands of built products, market recognition we manufacture the most advanced, efficient and durable family of mainland control valves.


Faithful to the concept the use of actuators type piston / cylinder, achieved a universe of products with design, geometry and shape that differentiates us completely from the commercial market for control valves.


These uniformity characteristics of shape and design, coupled with the use of noble raw materials, modern casting processes, advanced construction technology, allowed to reach a level of extraordinary quality, recognized by our customers worldwide.


From the year 2005, we started the challenge of breaking boundaries and start developing alliances for our internationalization.


Today more than half of the products manufactured by Brazil's unit is to the international market destination.

GLS - Bellow-Pac
1-8"   150/300/600
GLS - Standard
1/2-36"   150/300/600
GLH - High Pressure
1/2-30"   900/1500/2500
GLB - Bar Stock
1/2-4"   150/4500
GLC - Cryogenic
1-12"   150/300/600
GLE - Erosive
1-18"   150/1500
GLA - Angular
1/2-28"   150/1500
GXL - Chronos
1/2-4"   150 e 300
BXL - Bi-eccentric Disc
2-36" 150/300/600
EXL - Eccentric Plug
Short Boby
1-12" 150/300/600
BXL - Bi-eccentric Disc
2-24"  High pressure 900/1500
EXL - Eccentric Plug
Long Body
1-12" 150/300/600
VXL - Segmented Ball
1-16" 150/300/600
Alpha Trim
Beta Trim
Delta Trim
Beta Attenuator Plate
Omicron Trim
Omega Trim
Gamma Trim
HPP2000 Analog Positioner
Chronos Digital
Air filter FR 67
Valve Position Monitor

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