Another Goal of Valtek Sulamericana

in the internacional market


The Valtek Sulamericana was selected on an International competition as winner to provide control valves for the world’s largest solar plant under construction in Oman.

The mega project called “Miraah” (means mirror in Arab) will generate 6000 tons of solar steam daily providing a substantial portion of the steam required at the Amal Oilfield operated by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). The steam is used on the Amal field in a system called TEOR (Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery) that allows to extract the heavy and viscous oil of that region. The solar plant has the equivalent area of 360 soccer fields.

The Valtek Sulamericana technology, which already provided countless quality solutions for critical conditions of operation in Oman was determinant for their decision.    

Founded in Brazil since 1979, Valtek Sulamericana has always been known as a manufacturer of control valves with extreme excellence worldwide.

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